Jo left school at 16 to work on a holiday park as a receptionist.  Her love of entertaining, and her talents in participating in, and organising, staff shows were recognised and she became a Bluecoat, rising to become the Entertainments Manager.

It was here that she met her first husband, a Bandleader, who encouraged her to take up an instrument.  She chose the drums and, after a year, was accomplished enough to take on her first professional job as a musician, playing on a cruise ship on the Caribbean.  She then spent the next 18 years playing holiday parks in summer and cruising the world in winter, and has visited some of the most fantastic countries aboard some of the finest ships!

Jo moved to London 10 years ago, where she met her current partner and has since worked at a funeral directors and then as a security guard at Heathrow.  This was cut short when Jo’s parents, who live in Milton Keynes, fell victim to cancer and needed her full time care.  Jo’s father died last year, followed by her Mum, who died this April, and this brought Jo back to London, and to Linden Hall.

We are lucky to have her, a talented entertainer who loves her role as Activities coordinator, and who still ‘plays to her audience’. It’s only a matter of time before the drum kit comes out!